Prevent Hair Loss and Improve Hair Condition with Science

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

Having reviewed recent medical reports it is clear that within 12-weeks that hair can be thicker, stronger and most importantly the rate at which hair is lost can be greatly reduced or even halted. This program is effective because in each case the clinically proven substances act differently. As such, they synergistically combine to become more effective than the sum of their individual parts alone. This combination “attacks” alopecia in a multi-pronged way and you won’t find this unique program anywhere else!


Each hair grows from a follicle, the cells in the hair bulb divide creating a new hair that will grow and eventually fall out. This cycle is called the Pillar Cycle and it is divided into 3-stages: Stage 1; The hair grows for an average of three years. Stage 2; A brief stagnation period of two or three weeks is then followed by: Stage 3; Here the hair is discarded over a period of two to five months.

Afterward a new cycle should begin again with new hair starting to grow. This entire process is estimated to occur about 25-times in the course of an average lifetime.


For hormonal and genetic reasons, some people lose an unusual amount of hair, sometimes starting when they are very young. The growth period of the hair is restricted and becomes shorter as the years go by, using up potential reserves. Research indicates that in some cases, a longer period of time passes between a hair falling out and a new one growing. This leads to a sparser head of hair overall, while the individual hairs become finer. It has also been noted that hair tends to fall out more at certain times of the year, usually in the spring and fall. Now, let’s look at some of the potential treatments in detail:

UNIQUE Dercos ®

Dercos ® contains aminexil; a new drug developed by the French company Vichy. With regular use Dercos ® has been proven to improve the condition, thickness and number of hairs on the head. In clinical trials Dercos ® produced an improvement compared to placebo of 8% within 6-weeks, in other words individuals using Dercos ® had 8% more hair growing than those who did not. This was reflected as:

(A) Those who used Dercos ® had 5% more hair growing at the end of the 8-week period than they had beforehand and
(B): Those who used a placebo (dummy substance) lost 3% of their growing hair in the same 8-week period.

So how does Dercos ® work? Dercos ® has a unique action. When Vichy were studying the traits of baldness, they found whether it was men or women that there was one common factor- perifollicular fibrosis. This condition is an abnormal buildup of thick rigid collagen that hinders new hair growth. Gradually the hair becomes less deeply rooted in the scalp.

The hair falls out prematurely and as the cycles proceed it becomes a soft-down. Dercos ® is the first patented substance that helps to prevent perifollicular fibrosis. Therefore, collagen in the hair remains more subtle, the root is not forced upwards and exposed and so stays in the scalp. In 3 European hospital trials, Dercos ® was proven to significantly contribute to the preservation of existing hair growth.


MinSaw-A ® is specially designed to keep the roots of the hair supplied with nutrients and improve the blood supply to the follicle. It is a topical lotion that contains all of the following:

(A) Minoxidil- the famous chemical that was designed to lower blood pressure but discovered to grow hair! The strength of minoxidil in MinSaw-A ® is 3%, not the normal 2% found in most topical hair regrowth supplements. Some minoxidils have been produced at 5% strength, but British trials in the mid 1980’s suggested that 3% was nearly as effective as 5% and results in a considerable saving to the wallet! Regular applications of minoxidil increase the blood supply to the hair follicle, this in turn helps improve the delivery of nutrients and remove toxins. Minoxidil is a very well established and proven hair improvement substance with over 20-years of use.
(B) The second active-ingredient is retinolic acid- another powerful substance that improves the blood supply to the skin and in the surrounding tissues of the scalp. In the skin field operating under the brand name of Retin-A ®, it is well known for its properties of shedding old skin and speeding up the appearance of new younger skin. Not only does retinolic acid improve the blood circulation to the scalp, but it also improves its flexibility. MinSaw-A ® contains a sensible and proven level of retinolic acid of 0.025%, its addition further aids and supports minoxidil.
(C) The third active-ingredient is Saw Palmetto. This herb has shown benefit in helping to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

DHT is believed to be a factor in male pattern baldness and also responsible for the appearance of body hair as we age. The blocking of DHT within the body itself has been accomplished with the drug finasteride at a dose of 1.5mg per day (known as Propecia ® and also in 5mg tablets called Proscar ®), but finasteride treatment for hair loss, although proven to be effective should only be conducted under the guidance of a physician.

Meanwhile, Saw Palmetto (also known as Permixon ®) has been used safely by millions of men as a supplement for the treatment or prevention of a prostate condition.

As a topical addition in MinSaw-A ®, applying Saw Palmetto to the scalp may help prevent DHT conversion in the hair follicles, thus helping prevent hair loss by DHT where it is needed most.


Nizoral ® is an anti-fungal that contains ketoconazole. Applied topically as Nizoral ® Shampoo it helps to treat scalp problems on a local level, killing fungal infections and eradicating dandruff.

However, more recently Nizoral ® shampoo was discovered to help prevent hair loss. At first this was believed to be due to its known DHT blocking action, but later it was realized that Nizoral ®’s effects were too fast acting for it to be for that reason alone and so its properties were studied again.

A fatty deposit called sebum builds up in the tiny pockets in the scalp where the hair comes through the skin, rather like grunge in a drainpipe. Sebum is produced in the sebaceous gland and in humans, sebaceous glands are primarily only found in hair follicles. Sebum is a mixture of fat and the debris of dead fat-producing cells.

These cells are constantly replaced by new growth at the base of the glands. Generally the sebum is deposited on the hairs inside the follicles and is brought up to the surface of the skin along the hair shaft.

Normal shampooing has a very difficult job to remove these deposits and their presence may hinder the hair’s growth and development and even lessen the delivery of nutrients etc. Nizoral ® shampoo reduces and removes sebum deposits and enables the hairs to grow in a more functional and enhanced environment.

N.B. The best benefits appear to derive from the 2% Nizoral ® shampoo strength, not the 1% strength that has become generally available. Unfortunately, using twice as much of the 1% does not equal the strength of 2%.


Combining Dercos ®, MinSaw-A ® & Nizoral ® can provide all the following benefits to aid and enhance hair growth:

  1. Prevent perifollicular fibrosis and improve the condition and flexibility of the hairs’ collagen.
  2. Improve blood supply to the hair follicle and ensure the continued supply of nutrients.
  3. Improve blood supply to the areas of skin surrounding the hairs to further enhance the delivery of nutrients.
  4. Enhance the condition and flexibility of the scalp.
  5. Help prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT in the scalp, a factor in male pattern baldness.
  6. Remove fatty sebum deposits that block the hairs’ exit from the scalp.


To get the best from any course of alopecia treatment it should be more intensive in the first 12-weeks. Thereafter the treatment schedule can be reduced. During the first 12-weeks I suggest the following course of treatment:

Dercos ®: Gently massage one vial of the liquid into the scalp 3-times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) in the morning to either dry or towel dry hair. Dercos ® shampoo can be used like any shampoo, but leave on a little longer than normal before rinsing off. Hair can then be dried and styled as normal. Dercos ® has been shown to be very safe and has been in general use in parts for Europe for nearly 4-years. There are no known contraindications or side effects.

MinSaw-A ®: Gently massage in approximately 2ml of the liquid to the scalp (the wearing of gloves is recommend). This can be applied to dry or towel dried hair and should be applied every evening at least 6-times a week. We suggest that it is placed on the head 1-hour before bed, (else wear a hair net to prevent the liquid soiling the pillows). During the intensive stage, the application may also take place on those mornings when Dercos ® is not used. Due to the ability of minoxidil to lower blood pressure it is recommend that those persons with severely low blood pressure avoid use. However, the use of minoxidil topically is very unlikely to cause any significant effect in this regard. Retinolic acid may cause a reddening effect on the skin, this is normal and shows that it is working producing newer, more youthful skin. This is likely to pass within a few days. Should the development of dandruff occur discontinue use for a short while or use more Nizoral ® shampoo, (as this helps prevent dandruff). Note that the carrier for the 3-active ingredients in MinSaw-A ® is alcohol, if you are allergic to it please be aware. If any spills into the eyes flush immediately with cold water to avoid a stinging effect.

Nizoral ® Shampoo: During the first 12-weeks this shampoo should be applied 3-times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). It can be used like any normal shampoo but leave on a little longer before rinsing out, we suggest the use of a quality conditioner afterward. Nizoral ® shampoo is a safe substance in widespread use in many countries. In rare cases itching and redness has been noted. If you suffer from a severe liver or kidney disorder you must contact your physician before use due to the presence of ketoconazole.

A 12-week intensive anti-alopecia course requires:

  • 2x Dercos ® Ampoules (each box contains 18-ampoules).
  • 2x Dercos ® Shampoo (each bottle contains 200ml).
  • 2x MinSaw-A ® (each bottle contains 125ml).
  • 2x Nizoral ® Shampoo (each bottle contains 120ml at 2% strength).

After the intensive treatment, a regular 12-week course may only require the following amounts: Dercos ® ampoules 2 per week (equals 1.5 boxes); Dercos ® shampoo in place of “usual” shampoo (equals 2 bottles); MinSaw-A ® applied a minimum 3 times per week (equals 1 bottle); Nizoral ® Shampoo used once a week (equals 1 bottle).

At long last science is offering a multi-approach to treating hair loss with clinical results that prove that hair is improved in number, density and thickness within 6-12 weeks.