Enhanced appearance, libido, and health with the all-natural tanning hormone, MSH2-Pro

Written by LIPPMAN, Ph.D., Richard

“If you look five years out, most of these meetings will be about [natural] therapies.”

Mario Sznol, M.D.

Recently, Dr. Ruger M. Perlmutter, head of research and development at Merck & Co. Inc. said, “I think all of you will recognize this is a special moment [in medical research].” He made this dramatic statement to a standing room only audience at a traditional pharmaceutical meeting in New York.

What inspired the esteemed Dr. Perlmutter was a recently uncovered strategy to conquer diseases and aging that cannot be achieved by traditional drugs. This new strategy seeks to stimulate a body’s biologic systems. It is significantly superior to treating patients with harmful drugs that indiscriminately attack both healthy and sick cells and cause serious side effects. This strategy uses a short protein chain of 6 to 9 amino acids in length that trigger the body’s key receptor sites.

One such site is located in the melanocyte cells of our skin. These cells cause our skin to naturally tan. This is an all-natural process because melanocyte cells also cause natural pigmenting in brown- and dark-skinned people with and without sunlight.

Enhanced tanning with MSH2-Pro™

Scientists have developed a new protein chain of amino acids that induces our melanocyte cells to produce the tanning pigment, melanin. To this end, we have achieved what many deemed impossible, namely an all-natural tanning spray product we call MSH2-Pro™. Unlike other tanning products, it does not need to be injected with cumbersome and uncomfortable needles because we’ve made it available as a convenient nasal-spray bottle.

A breakthrough in enhancing libido

MSH2-Pro™ also increases libido since it contains a cutting-edge proprietary mixture that helps people to gather and meet and embrace their sex lives with greater gusto and togetherness (1), especially when combined with our other libido enhancers, such as our short-protein nasal-spray Oxy-Pro™ (2, 3). Both of these need only be sprayed once daily in one side of the nose.

The benefits of MSH2-Pro™ are:

a. No needles are necessary

b. It helps with weight loss by reducing appetite

c. It also helps to promote tanning without harmful sunlight in the completely natural way that Mother Nature intended

d. It can be used by both men and women who desire enhanced sexual arousal and increased libido (1).

e. It works in synergy with other anabolic hormones such as growth hormone or GHRP6 (Releasing-Pro™) and IGF-1 to repair and rejuvenate the body, especially during REM sleep (1).

When used properly with a 10 IU spray-dose daily, MSH2-Pro™ is significantly beneficial especially when compared to synthetic drugs. (For the technically interested, please see the addendum below).


Even large pharmaceutical companies will agree that natural protein chains of amino acids are the healing vanguard of the future! We encourage you to add these newly recognized natural substances to your arsenal. MSH2-Pro™ will significantly enhance health (1), libido (2, 3), and physical appearance (1) without risky and painful injections. MSH2-Pro™ is a natural, cutting-edge, aging-prevention spray that—when combined with the body’s endogenous anabolic hormones—will increase the repair and rejuvenation of the body’s cells and organs.


“I used MSH2-Pro™ only once or twice weekly, and I experienced a lovely tan all over my body without the need for sunbathing.” W.B., Arizona

“I have been lying in a hospital bed for months without proper sunlight for my health. As a result, I have been using Vitamin D3 supplements as a substitute for the healing rays of sunlight. Then I discovered MSH2-Pro™, and my body became lightly tan after a half-dozen sprays in my nostrils. Thanks for a great product.” J.H., Hawaii

“Your wonderful spray, MSH2-Pro™, gave me a great tan in the middle of a cold and dark Swedish winter. Thank you.” S.L., Sweden


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