Beyond Chelation Improved – for a multivitamin that detoxifies!

Beyond Chelation Improved (which Dr Gordon has recently renamed Beating Cellular Impurities) is a unique blend of multi-vitamins, oils and brain-enhancing nutrients that offers extra protection against the toxic elements in our everyday life. Taking regular Chelation treatments will help prevent blood clotting, lower cholesterol levels and guard against the harmful effects of heavy metals in the environment.

Beyond Chelation Improved is more than just a multivitamin. It’s a BCI multivitamin, which means it’s packed with all the supplements and vitamins you could ever need. Regular Chelation treatments will protect you from unavoidable toxic elements, plus it will lower cholesterol levels, guard against heart attack and stroke, fight off free radicals and prevent blood clotting.

You may already be taking multivitamins as part of a healthy daily routine, but have you ever stopped to check whether you are getting the most from your supplement? BCI Beyond Chelation Improved is a multivitamin and detoxifier all in one. It does the work of several vitamins, nutrients and oils, in one easy-to-take package.

Dr Garry Gordon Interview

Watch our interview with Dr Garry Gordon the father of chelation and developer of Beyond Chelation improved below

Why do I need a detoxifier as well as a multivitamin?

Whether we like it or not, we are surrounded by toxic elements in our everyday lives. These include heavy metals such as lead, copper, zinc and mercury, which are absorbed into our bodies and can be harmful if levels get too high.

In order to function properly, we need some heavy metals, such as iron, copper manganese and zinc. Zinc, for example, supports a health immune system and is needed for wound healing.

Other heavy metals, however, such as mercury, plutonium and lead have no known benefits and, if allowed to accumulate in the body over a long period of time, can lead to serious illness. In addition to this, scientists have shown that excess metal toxicity can exacerbate existing health issues.

It may seem the obvious solution to simply avoid exposure to heavy metals, but unfortunately that’s impossible. Toxic elements are found in every area of our daily lives. The only way to protect ourselves is by taking a detoxifying supplement.

Beyond Chelation Improved contains a unique compound that bonds to toxic elements in the environment and removes them.

The process is known as chelation therapy and it prevents the body from absorbing toxic heavy metals. The use of chelation therapy to rid the body of toxins can be traced back to the poison gas attacks of World War One.

So what’s in Chelation Improved?

Beyond Chelation Improved is an oral chelating agent and superior multivitamin, combined with oils and brain-enhancing nutrients, in one easy-to-take package. Each container of BCI Beyond Chelation Improved contains 30 individually-wrapped packets, one to take every day with breakfast.

Each packet contains:

    1. Three capsules of Essential Daily Defense, which rids the body of harmful heavy metals and toxins, as well as controlling excessive blood clotting;

    1. Four caplets of Beyond Any Multiple, which contains all the vitamins you’d expect in a superior multivitamin, plus Resveratrol – a powerful antioxidant that lowers cholesterol and protects against heart attack, stroke and certain cancers; and Vitamin K2 – which protects bones and is useful in regulating blood sugars and diabetes;

    1. One capsule of Primrose Oil, an invaluable source of omega-6 essential fatty acids, which are vital for body growth and development;

    1. One capsule of Omega-3, which is essential in reducing the risk of heart disease, and useful for inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis;

    1. One capsule of Ginkgo Biloba, which helps improve blood flow and brain function.

What’s the dosage?

The recommended dosage for a normal, healthy individual is one sachet of Beyond Chelation Improved, taken with breakfast. If necessary, if you are particularly at risk of disease, you can take another sachet 12 hours later.

Next time you reach for your usual multivitamins, ask yourself if they’re doing everything that Beyond Chelation Improved can do. For a superior multivitamin that packs a powerful detoxifying punch, isn’t it time you switched to Beyond Chelation Improved?

The Complete Detox Program

Dr Gordon strongly recommends that his pateints use the chelating multivitamin Beyond Chelation Improved as the center piece of a more comprehensive detox program when combined with Beyond Fiber and his Bio En R Gy-C. For even more complete protection from environmental pollutatnts you also add new and improved Beyond Clean 2 to your bath and Zeolite liquid and or zeogold tablets.


Please note:

Iron is not among the ingredients of BCI. This is because iron is an oxidant as well as a nutrient for invading microbial cells. We have purposely left iron out of this supplement because recent research has linked the availability of iron to infectious organisms in arteries, which are now proven to be directly linked to blood clots that cause 85% of heart attacks and strokes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beyond Chelation Improved

Disclaimer: Please note that only your own physician can determine your precise needs, but in order to give you some information these answers are based upon the ‘average person’ and clinical / published results.

Does Beyond Chelation assist in removing plaque from the arteries?

Dr. Gordon, as you know, is considered to be THE world expert on chelation, in fact he has been called ‘the father of chelation’ so naturally there is no one else better positioned for advice on such matters.

Dr. Gordon designed BCI as the complete oral system for both chelation as well as the supply of oils, vitamins and minerals the body needs for optimal dosing on a daily basis.

There is evidence that the EDTA and other factors in the BCI will reduce plaque over time and will soften arteries. Other substances in the BCI will also aid the ‘thinning’ of blood which is another factor to help guard against blockages etc.

Do you need to have the IV chelation treatment done first if you have blocked arteries, before taking the Beyond Chelation?

Ultimately, intravenous chelation will remove more plaque than oral chelation, it is considered that oral removes 10% of what IV does, but IV must be taken quite regularly and 1 session will for example not remove all (or even most) of the heavy metals, the advantage of oral is that it can be taken every day.

Depending upon your ‘need’ will of course influence your decision for IV, but even in this case we would still recommend BCI. If you want to boost your oral system to the ultimate system, then adding Dr. Gordon’s Bio Energy C drink and his Beyond Fiber daily, (which can be drunk or mixed with food) will enable you to enjoy one of the most protective supplement programs currently available anywhere.

We hope this helps.

I am currently taking some supplements I have purchased from you; thank you for your prompt service. I was wondering if someone there in your customer support area could provide some assistance with the following enquiries.

I am taking Beyond Chelation Improved. I take two packets a day. However after reading the book by Jay Brown and Dr Gary Gordon it has raised some questions I was hoping you could clarify for me. In their book it states that EDTA should be taken on an empty stomach and that a multi vitamin / mineral supplement should be taken later with food. I have been taking BCI with and without food all at once. Can you advise on this as I can’t find anything on the product label that advises on this.

Also in the book they say that EDTA should be taken at higher doses than what is in BCI which I gather is minimal maintenance dose. I intend to increase the dose by purchasing Essential Daily Defence to increase dosage of EDTA while still taking BCI to receive all the additional benefits it provides. Does this protocol seem like a reasonable step to take?

Any assistance you can provide would be much appreciated. Once again thanks for the great service and products you provide.

Whilst as you have read - there may be some benefit to taking EDTA on an empty stomach it does not make a great deal of difference. Naturally Dr. Gordon himself would not have developed the BCI with EDTA in it if this was the case. But you can overcome this if you wish by performing the following:

  • Take the 3 grey ‘chelation’ capsules in BCI on an empty stomach - these contain the EDTA.
  • Then take the 3 yellow BAM capsules in BCI later with your food - these are the vitamin / mineral complex.

If you want to increase your intake of EDTA we would recommend the addition of Dr Gordon’s Beyond Fiber, this has some additional EDTA in it and the fiber is an important part of taking the dislodged metals from the tissues, out through the gut.

I may also add that Dr Gordon’s Beyond Clean are EDTA bath salts for the bathtub. This can be simply added to the bath water and will help to pull heavy metals out of the skin.

We hope this helps you.


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