Frequently Asked Qustions

Here are some of the most common questions asked to IAS; they are in the broader context of “doing business with IAS.

Q. How can I pay?

At you can pay using the following methods:

  • CHECK2PAY Pay using electronic check
  • Pay via Bank Wire (Please be aware it may take longer to process your order with this method)

Q. What will be the descriptor for my transaction with IAS on my credit card bill?

Each payment option on the site has its own unique billing descriptor which are listed below

  • eCheck - health supplements

Q. Why do physicians and their patients use IAS and its services?

This question is answered in its own section called Why Choose IAS? Please click here to see the answer, also testimonials from physicians and patients can been seen by clicking here.

Q. What kind of people are involved in Antiaging Medicine?

We have provided a list of the professional people interested and working within the field, please click here to see it.

Q. How long has IAS been in business?

IAS has been offering anti-aging medicine since 1991. The founders have been directly involved with anti-aging products since 1985 and as such have built up a wealth of knowledge and connections in this very new but rapidly expanding field.

Q. Is it legal?

Most countries allow the importation of personal supplies of ethical pharmaceuticals, there are varying conditions, e.g. some countries will require a physician involved. That doesn’t mean that you must have a prescription, most physicians don’t know how to write a prescription for a product that is “unapproved” in their country, but will however help the patient with its administration. However you must beware of controlled substances (see question about controlled substances in this FAQ section).

The bottom line is you must check your individual status for the products you require in your home country. We know for example that there are problems with DHEA in Canada and Australia where they decided that it is an anabolic steroid. You can ask IAS in case we know of problems but the responsibility lies with the purchaser (see IAS Terms and Conditions).

Is a prescription required for my order?

Prescriptions are necessary where required by law. Complete our online consultation form and fax it back with your prescription for a copy to be included in your package.

USA Fax: 1-415-366-1503
UK Fax: +44 208 181 6106

Q. How can I find out more?

Check the two listings on this site (Books and Professionals) then check out some of the other bodies involved in the anti-aging field and consider joining their mailing lists for newsletters etc. Some of the publications listed are highly detailed but if one takes the time to read and absorb them then they will make you an informed individual!

Q. What are the main theories of aging?

You can find a comprehensive list by clicking here.

Q. Where can I find an introduction to antiaging medicine?

Read a general introduction to the types of antiaging medicine and how it fits into health and medicine by clicking here.

Q. Can I get other products not listed?

Whilst IAS specialises in anti-aging medicine, comprising of nutrients, hormones and some drugs, we monitor the field closely and therefore are “in touch” with current thinking. We alter and adapt the line-up, as information becomes available. But sometimes we do offer some products that aren’t listed on the website, so please state your requirements by emailing us here: (see IAS terms and conditions) in the event of a confirmed mailing loss.

Q. How do you ship products that need to be kept cool?

We have a cool packing service, (not dry ice as it is considered to be a hazardous substance by couriers) for products that may require to be cooled below room temperature, but it is not possible for us to guarantee perfect delivery because of many factors outside of our control.

Q. Do you offer medical advice?

Although MD’s and other medical professionals write many of our articles, IAS does not and cannot offer any medical advice. Information is provided on an educational basis only as only your personal physician may administer your precise needs.

Q. Are there any international conferences/ meetings that I can attend?

Yes, quite a number most of them in the United States. Check out our sister site at

Q. Does IAS support any organisations?

IAS supports a number of worthy causes within the industry and is a member and advisor to many others. Some examples include:

The British Longevity Society
The Stromboli Conference on Cancer and Aging
The Alliance for Natural Health

Q. Are there any clinics practicing anti-aging medicine?

Yes, more than you would think! Most have extended anti-aging medicine to their existing preventative, cosmetic and alternative medicine practices. IAS has a list of anti-aging clinics up at (coming soon)

Q. What are controlled substances and how do they differ from prescription only items?

Controlled substances are in a "higher" bracket than prescription only substances; as such they are usually governed by a different government body. For example in the USA the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is responsible for controlled drugs rather than just the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Different countries place different emphasis on different products, apart from the obvious narcotics and addictive substances (such as amphetamines and barbiturates etc.), many countries consider products such as pain killers, steroids and even weight loss drugs as controlled substances believing that they are also additive substances. There are usually 5-classes of control, class 1 being highly addictive and no-medical use, these substances usually cannot be even prescribed by a DEA registered physician. Class 2 and 3 are still very-high categories but can be prescribed because they are recognised as having a medical use. Lower classes 4 and 5 are usually more "lenient" because they are considered to have a much smaller risk of abuse but they still require special paperwork and a prescription from a DEA registered physician.

When substances are controlled in the supplying country and the receiving country export and import paperwork is required, which obviously immediately alerts customs to theses facts. Dealing with 1st world-countries for these products have many stipulations (supervised by the United Nations) which would obviously mean inherent "risks" for you should you not meet all the regulatory requirements.

As such, shipments of controlled substances are neither advised nor undertaken by IAS.

Why are some products restricted to the European Union?

IAS operates an international selection of depots located within Europe and the USA. Due to the restrictive regulations surrounding the status of medicines and “unapproved products” we carefully decide which products are shipped from which depot to ensure conformity to local laws etc. However, the majority of our medicines are currently located with Europe and due to EU legislation there are many regulations that make the area very unclear. To this end, to ensure compliance we limit the sales of products to the EU as of nutritional status only, which is why we don’t currently ship medicines and hormones to the EU.”

For some political comments, take a look at The Future of Antiaging Medicine.

Q. How can I pay?

IAS accepts Debit Way, e-Checks and Bank wires.

Q. How should I contact you?

We will require a written declaration on all orders, so orders have to be placed by fax, e-mail or letter or via our encrypted on-line Webstore.

Of course the phone can be used in all other inquiries, but remember the time differences; we are 8 hours in front of California and 8 hours behind Tokyo! Please leave a message where possible with all your details, name, address, contact details and inquiry, we will usually answer you within 72-hours. Due to the time differences we prefer to contact you via fax or e-mail, please provide those details if you have them.

Q. How do I return products?

There is a very specific procedure so you must contact us: /contact for a returns number and a unique returns address. Failure to do so may mean your products being refused, so please make sure you get all the relevant details from us first!

Q. Do you have any other advice for my first order?

If you are ordering a pharmaceutical you've never used before; order only one unit! This will allow you to discover if that product has any particular unpleasant side effects. Sometimes it is necessary to take a course of pharmaceuticals (that may require more than one unit) to obtain beneficial effects, but usually any potential side effects will appear first. Initially by ordering one unit you will not have other units in your possession that you can't or don't want to use. You must remember that these are pharmaceutical products and cannot be "guaranteed" because of the many different factors of use involved. Under the IAS terms and conditions refunds or exchanges cannot be given for correct orders received.