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You know our products, you like our products, why not join with us to refer or market them? Through the IAS Business Associate Program you have the ability to earn income on over 200 high quality products ranging from dietary supplements and nutritional products to antiaging medicines and hormones together with diagnostic equipment. With IAS specialising in the source and supply of difficult to obtain cutting edge products from around the world, why don’t you join us in the marketing of them to and development of the antiaging market?

There are four Associate Programs that we offer and these are intended to offer a range of differing benefits that meet a wide spectrum of re-seller requirements.

  1. Healthcare Affiliate: Simply refer your customers, patients or site visitors to International Antiaging Systems for their supplement, medicine or hormone needs and earn commission on these and any other purchases made from our site.
  2. Healthcare Professional: For the Healthcare practice wishing to sell product to their patients as required and in low volumes.
  3. International Dropship: Ideal if you have an existing business, buy our products as you require them and we deliver direct to your customer as a fulfilment house but with you only buying the product when you have made a sale. This is an ideal way of adding to your product range and leveraging your existing customer base.
  4. Wholesale: You can bulk purchase our products at wholesale rates and stock them, giving you the opportunity to achieve higher profit margins. Our price to you is volume dependant with the more you buy, the lower the cost.

Backed by an experienced Customer Service Team based in the United Kingdom, IAS has today become the world’s most comprehensive antiaging store. If you have an existing business and client base why not work with us as an Associate to develop your business and its market share in the antiaging market? Whether you are a clinic, healthcare worker, spa, gym, retailer or other organisation with an existing online presence we would like to talk with you about how we may work together.

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