Sex (libido)

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  • Enhances dopamine and improves focus and attention
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    15ml 300mg Liquid

    Deprenyl - The Versatile Antiaging Smart Drug By protecting dopamine levels in the brain, Deprenyl is a cognitive enhancing smart drug that works to improve brain function, facilitate faster cognitive actions and improve concentration.  Deprenyl - The Versatile Antiaging...

  • Aids tanning, libido and acts as an appetite suppressant
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    20ml/20mg Nasal Spray

    Just one or two sprays daily help produce a natural all over tan, without the need to expose the skin to direct sunlight or to have injections. MSH2 Also: Increases libido Works synergistically with the other hormones to rejuvenate cells and organs Contains melanocyte stimulating hormone, that is directly involved in helping to tan the skin. Just one or two sprays daily help...

  • An aid to improving orgasm
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    5ml 500IU Liquid

    The Oxytocin drug is a safe and potent supplement based on the naturally occurring hormone Oxytocin. It has far reaching benefits for the body and mind, including the ability to enhance orgasm experiences. Oxytocin for men assists emotional bonding as well as desire, and an Oxytocin orgasm for women is especially enhanced. Oxytocin also help regulate... The Oxytocin drug is a safe and...