Hypertension / Blood Pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, are two terms that describe the same condition. Hypertension risks putting an extra strain on your heart and blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke. Also, high blood pressure causes kidney disease and is linked to some forms of dementia.

How can i tell if i have high blood pressure

You probably have high blood pressure if your blood pressure readings are consistently 140 over 90, or higher, over a number of weeks. That’s the clinical definition. There are no obvious signs or symptoms so the only way to know is to have your blood pressure measured. Many things can affect your blood pressure throughout the day, so to get an accurate picture your doctor will take a number of blood pressure readings to see what it’s doing over time.

Problems caused by hypertension

Lifestyle plays a big part in determining high blood pressure, so here are a few things to know. You run a higher risk of developing high blood pressure if:

  • you eat too much salt
  • you don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables
  • you are not active enough
  • you are overweight
  • you drink too much alcohol

Aging, ethnic origin and family history can also contribute to high blood pressure.  But these are all issues your doctor will know to look out for.

Treatment for high blood pressure

There are a wide range hypertension treatments available and most doctors will recommend one of these four options:

  • ACE Inhibitorsand Angiotensin Receptor Blockers work by helping to control hormones that affect blood pressure.
  • Calcium Channel Blockers relax the artery walls which lowers blood pressure.
  • Thiazide Diureticsremove unwanted fluid from the body, which also helps lower blood pressure.

Hypertension and pregnancy

Many women with high blood pressure have a normal pregnancy and deliver healthy babies so high blood pressure in pregnancy doesn’t have to be a problem. The best advice is to plan the pregnancy in discussion with your doctor. The medicines that are used to treat high blood pressure may affect the development of the baby, so your doctor may want to change your regime. You should also have closer than normal blood pressure monitoring throughout your pregnancy.

Don't delay go today

If you think you’re running the risk of high blood pressure, go see your doctor and get it checked out. There are lots of high blood pressure treatments available and one of them is sure to be right for you, if it turns out you need to be treated.

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