Antiaging is the wide-ranging science of helping slow down the negative aspects of growing old by using nutritional, medical and physical fitness techniques.

Also known as life extension, antiaging offers a wide range of treatments and practices to help you lengthen your lifespan.

While we get older in terms of our numerical age, life extension aids seek to lessen the impact of certain problems getting older causes:

  • diminished muscle strength
  • internal organ deterioration
  • a weaker immune system
  • hair loss/wrinkles

Much of the work in this field focuses on using antiaging foods and other types of antiaging nutrition to help tackle the free radicals produced naturally in the body which cause cell damage and hasten the aging process.

Can a special diet help?

Various forms of antiaging nutrition, vitamins and other antiaging supplements are key allies in the battle against free radicals because they increase the antioxidants in your body. Common antioxidants found in so-called “super-foods” include resveratrol and flavonoids.

Certain fruits and vegetables should be included in any antiaging diet as these are high in antioxidants. A long list of such super-foods include prunes, raisins, blueberries, cranberries, kale and spinach.

Attacking free radicals by eating food that’s high in antioxidants is just one way to reduce oxidisation and assist the antiaging plan of action.

It is also suggested to become more aware of the foods that increase free radicals and perhaps avoid excessive exercise because this also increases the production of oxidants.

In addition to the antiaging diet, a range of vitamin supplements such as Vitamin A, E, C, B6, B12 and also Zinc, Selenium and Folic Acid help to combat free radicals and support the immune system.

Can supplements help?

Antiaging studies over many decades have shown that calorie restriction is another way to extend the lifespan of animals under test conditions. Despite all the evidence, such a regimen can be unattractive or even impractical for many humans so it may be best to combine some calorie restriction with more antiaging foods in daily meals.

Hormone therapy has courted some controversy as a life extension aid, but a number of treatments continue to be used.

These include DHEA, which helps steroid hormones — such as testosterone — to work effectively.

Testosterone plays an important role in maintaining muscle mass and strength and bone density and is often administered to aging men and women as a topical antiaging cream.

For women, Estrogen and Progesterone also play important roles in maintaining bone density and strength and are available as oral medicines or as a topical antiaging cream.

And Melatonin — naturally produced by a gland at the base of your brain — is a highly potent antioxidant often described as the pacemaker of the aging clock. This is widely available as an antiaging supplement.

By combining a moderate and healthy diet with light exercise and sensibly administered antiaging supplements it is possible to be on course for a much longer life, with less of the debilitating factors commonly associated with growing older.

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