Addison’s disease

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  • Natural Peptide Bioregulator - normalizes the function of your adrenal glands
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    Improves the performance of the ADRENAL gland which produces cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline hormones. In turn these help to improve stress reaction, reduce apathy and improve control of the body's metabolism. Glandokort® also helps support the endocrine system in elderly people. The typical way to dose any peptide bioregulator is to initially take... Improves the performance of the...

  • Aids balance and hearing
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    Aldosterone is a hormone known to regulate essential salts and blood pressure in the body. Aldosterone secretion may also hold the key to loss of hearing. Aldosterone’s important role in maintaining the body’s delicate balance of water and essential salts impacts our blood pressure health. As a treatment for hearing loss, Aldosterone also offers a viable... Aldosterone is a hormone known to...