Essential Daily Defense - The Ultimate Detoxifier

With pollution levels on the up and our daily exposure to poisonous toxins increasing with each passing year, it’s necessary to protect our body from the onslaught.

Essential Daily Defense is the shield that can keep us protected and cleanse from within. Working to expel contaminants and remove toxins, this unique supplement helps our body function as it was intended – minus the clogging, harmful toxins and the residual metals that stay in our system.

One particular toxin that causes a great deal of damage to the body is metal toxin. Quite simply, heavy metals that we ingest - just by going about our lives - are the most difficult for our body to remove. Fortunately, a heavy metal detox offers the solution. The ability to purify your blood and easily begin a heavy detox is at hand - with the essential daily defense supplement.

Specially designed by leading chelation expert Dr. Garry Gordon and arteriosclerosis expert Dr Lester Morrison, this supplement works to remove toxins and provide a heavy detox, specifically targeting metal contaminants that we breathe-in and consume inadvertently every day.

Removing toxins from the blood

With the right diet and the right balance of nutrients in our body, we can go some way to removing harmful toxins from our bloodstream and throughout our body. However, it’s toxic metals that can stay in our bodies the longest and in some cases, indefinitely. Unless we make an effort to remove them, they’ll stay, slowly poisoning our body.

From industrial facilities releasing harmful bi-products into the atmosphere and modes of transport producing damaging emissions like lead into the air, to metals seeping into the soil and plants, there’s an increasing amount of harmful metallic elements that we’re consuming.

Of course, not all metals and heavy metals are bad for us. Small quantities of iron, copper, manganese and zinc are positively beneficial and in some cases essential to our daily lives. Indeed metals like zinc are used for a range of functions and the stimulation of a number of enzymes, a healthy immune system and promoting effective healing – hence the availability in supplements. But it must be in the right quantities – too much and a whole host of medical problems can occur.

What causes real damage to the body is metals like mercury, lead and plutonium. For example, serious conditions that can result from exposure to too much mercury include neuro-degenerative problems and in some cases, Alzheimer’s.

Mercury has a 20 year half-life in the brain and insufficient blood supply to this vital area can effect its removal. It’s the same in the body – where there’s a lack of blood flow, the removal of any harmful toxin becomes difficult.

The key question is how to remove toxins from the body? In particular, how do we remove heavy metals? This is where Essential Daily Defense comes to the fore.

The benefits of essential daily defense

By using a process known as chelation (pronounced key-lation) therapy, Essential Daily Defense sets about removing toxins from the blood – specifically the difficult-to-remove heavy metals. Using chelators to bind with the heavy metals in the body, the resulting fusions are called chelates. These newly formed chelates mean the heavy metals lose their chemical effects and their toxicity.

This remarkable and unique formula has been developed by world-leading chelation expert Dr. Garry Gordon, and arteriosclerosis expert Dr. Lester Morrison, who’ve put many years of experience into the perfect formula of Essential Daily Defense. It’s a treatment that works in a different way to the Beyond Any Multiple supplement as it doesn’t just bolster the immune system, but focuses on the removal of free radicals and heavy metal toxins.

Both of these supplements contribute to an effective antiaging program and it’s recommended that, rather than having Essential Daily Defense or a comprehensive multivitamin supplement like Beyond Any Multiple, they be used together.

The complete supplement to remove toxins

Essential Daily Defense not only reduces general toxins in the body but vitally, the heavy metals that can cause serious health risks. To give an idea of the seriousness of too much metal in the body, raised metal levels in a diseased heart have been found to have up to 20,000 times more toxic heavy metals than healthy hearts.

Even elevated iron quantities have been linked to cancer and coronary complications. Essential Daily Defense works to bring the iron levels down to optimum level, which is especially important as iron has been found to increase the number of free radicals and in doing so heighten the risk of cancer.

There’s also a danger of heart disease produced by large amounts of iron, as in excessive levels, oxidisation of cholesterol can occur. This means that blockages in the arteries can occur, which will eventually reduce blood and oxygen flow to the heart to such an extent that the heart attack risk is dangerously elevated. Secondary risks of not reducing iron in the body include the possibility of diabetes, arthritis and liver conditions.

Essential Daily Defense is anti-thrombotic, which means that it helps blood-clotting tendencies. Blood clots known as thrombosis can result in stroke and heart attack, and anything that helps combat the biggest killer in the US has got to be a good thing.

How essential daily defense works

By being a complete detoxifier and chelation therapy, the result a powerful synergistic combination of natural actions. Much of the antioxidant quality is derived from its garlic extract origins, harnessing the power of this root and sulfated polysaccharide (red algae/carrageenan) with EDTA – a highly effective acid that works to safely remove iron from the body.

Taking essential daily defense

Side effects are nil, so Essential Daily Defense is safe to use with any other medications. It’s recommended that a broad-spectrum multivitamin is taken alongside essential daily defense – the best one to be found yet is Beyond Any Multiple.

The perfect dosage of antioxidants

The recommended dosage is one or two pills a day, taken with water. The pills are taken orally and the Essential Daily Defense ingredients are naturally derived, safe and possess no side effects. The amount you need to take will be higher if you’ve been recommended a full detox by your doctor.

Essential daily defense reviews

Reviews from customers and medical professionals are extremely positive, and the detoxification and metal cleansing properties of the supplement have been widely praised – especially when teamed up with a multivitamin supplement. For a comprehensive daily detoxification and removal of toxic metal from your body, Essential Daily Defense has got you covered.



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