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Cell-Stat Plus brings together the power of resveratrol and quercetin for heart and cancer health

Cell-Stat Plus brings together two natural ingredients found in wine and grapes that have both potent anti-heart attack and anti-cancer properties.

Firstly, Cell-Stat Plus contains 5mg of trans-resveratrol in each capsule - the flavonoid found in red wine (and red grapes) that has been shown to have significant improvements upon blood, specifically thinning blood and improving blood flow and also inhibiting the various stages of cancer, (for more about this please use the resveratrol link).

It’s important to use the trans-resveratrol as opposed to the more commonly available cis-resveratrol, however the fact is that trans-resveratrol has significant properties to prevent a thrombotic event (a blood clot from forming) by keeping blood flowing smoothly, as well as acting to help prevent the formation of cancer cells.

The other phenol often forgotten about in wine / grapes is quercetin; it is contained at 100g in each capsule of Cell-Stat Plus. Quercetin has important benefits for blood / heart properties as well as its own anti-cancer properties.

It is known that together resveratrol and quercetin can virtually shut down eicosanoid synthesis of human platelets in vitro and prevent excessive platelet eicosanoid synthesis, which otherwise would form the basis of thrombogenesis (the beginning of the formation of a blood clot).

It would appear that resveratrol tends to act more upon platelet aggregation, making blood cells less sticky and thereby ensuring a smooth and easy blood flow, whilst quercetin has potent anti-inflammatory properties helping to prevent the trigger of events that would otherwise lead to disease. It is also known that when they are taken together that they also exhibit good anti-oxidant abilities.

Studies have also shown that quercetin can inhibit the growth of cells derived from human and animal cancers, including leukaemia, estrogen receptor-positive breast carcinomas, squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck origin, gastric cancer and colon cancer and cancers of stomach cancer cell lines and human ovarian cancer.


Taking 1 capsule of Cell-Stat Plus 1 to 3 times daily provides a potent mix of the power of red wine, but without the damaging effects of alcohol, and at the same time providing a potency that could only otherwise be achieved by becoming drunk!

Please note that anyone who suffers from platelet deficiency or blood-clotting difficulties, especially those already using medical blood-thinning drugs (e.g. aspirin, Coumadin) should only take Cell-Stat Plus under medical supervision.


What our customers say...

I am so pleased to find these two important ingredients together, I use Cell-Stat Plus everyday to ensure my heart health.
P.H., England


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What our customers say

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