Avoid Cardiovascular disease with the Cardio Pro supplement

The biggest killer in the western world is cardiac disease – more simply known as the condition which leads to a heart attack.

Cardio Pro is a cardiovascular disease treatment that’s specifically designed to lower the risk of heart attack by reducing arterial stiffness and by fighting tissue-damaging free radicals.

Having stiff, clogged and plaque-ridden arteries is known as the condition arteriosclerosis. As arteries carry blood, the health of arteries is of front-line importance in avoiding heart attack. In 90% of victims of heart attacks, arteriosclerosis is present - which makes the stiffness of your arteries a very important factor indeed. This is why doctors have established the arterial stiffness index, which measures pulse wave velocity (a pressure reading based on the the speed at which your blood travels) to expose the level of arterial stiffness and ultimately establish whether you’re at risk from cardiac disease.

The stiffness index is of course, just a measurement of arterial stiffness. Cardio Pro is the treatment for arterial stiffness and cardiac disease that contains Resveratrol – a proven artery softener and carnosine – a powerful antioxidant (similar to pycnogenol-a) and plaque fighter: two powerful ingredients in the quest for heart health.

In clinical studies, Cardio Pro is proven to reduce arterial stiffness and prevent oxidative stress and so greatly lessen the heart attack risk.

How measuring arterial stiffness helps prevent cardiovascular disease

In working out how to keep heart failure at bay, Cardio Pro equipment like the CardioCheck or Bio Clip Plus monitor and measure the key signs of cardiovascular disease.

The CardioCheck or Bio Clip Plus test (used in hospitals worldwide and available for home use) simply consists of a clip attached to a machine being placed on a finger. Within 3 minutes, the software can detect pulse wave speed and the stiffness of the arteries using a score between 3 and 20. The results of the stiffness index (generally the lower the score the better) can assess the tendency to cardiovascular disease.

Although men are more likely to be affected by cardiac disease, cardiovascular disease in women is an increasing global problem and recent figures show that it’s killing more women than breast cancer. If a CardioCheck or Bio Clip Plus test shows an above-average score on the index, then a Cardio Pro supplement is definitely recommended. Its key ingredient in softening arteries is Resveratrol. Effectively preventing cholesterol from binding to blood platelets, Resveratrol works to allow blood cells to move more freely and easily within the body and the blood to be effectively ‘thinned’ – massively reducing the risk of clotting.

With Cardio Pro, Resveratrol works alongside other active ingredients like Carnosine and rare trace minerals to ensure that blood is circulating well, that the plaque build-up is countered and arteries are soft enough to work effectively. As arteries carry blood, anything to do with blood flow can be a factor in cardiac disease, so it’s important to get blood health checked across the board.

In looking at heart and blood health it’s also worth checking for diabetes: a prime cause of cardiovascular disease. So as well as getting a cardio check, it’s worth asking your doctor if you exhibit any signs of diabetes – like increased thirst, hunger or frequency in needing to go to the toilet.

Lower your risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Fortunately, there’s greater awareness about health and wellbeing that should lead to reducing heart failure and subsequent deaths through cardiac disease. Simple measures like making an effort to lower your cholesterol by eating less fatty foods and exercising regularly are controllable risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Indeed anything that can help reduce the risk of blood-related conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease should be considered.

Cholesterol and saturated fats can cause substantial damage by manifesting plaque in arteries near to the heart. This severe build up of plaque is called arteriosclerosis and it’s when the accumulation on the inner walls occurs that cardiovascular risk factors are greatly increased.

Fortunately the combined ingredients of Cardio Pro can help remove plaque from arteries. This is thanks to the Resveratrol - a key naturally occurring substance that’s found in smaller quantities in garlic and red wine. This is why there’s such a thing as the ‘French paradox’ - where even though the French population have a relatively high intake of fatty foods, the diet also features positive elements; like garlic and red wine.

A study into the effects of Resveratol (which is found in red grape skins) showed that it has effects as an anti-cancer and anti-cardiovascular agent. By preventing the binding of cholesterol to platelets and arterial walls, the propensity to stick to walls is reduced and with enough concentration (as found in Cardio Pro) it acts as a very effective cardiovascular disease treatment.

Another key ingredient of Cardio Pro is Carnosine – a recognized antioxidant and scavenger of free radicals – extremely useful to prevent and repair damage to cells and tissue. In this way the Carnosine in Cardio Pro is a useful plaque in arteries treatment. While arteries carry blood near the hardworking heart, a mix of Carnosine and Resveratrol work together to prevent and treat cardiac disease.

Cardio Pro is a complete cardiovascular disease treatment

Getting the signs of cardiovascular disease identified as soon as possible is the key to safely avoiding heart failure. Upping blood-health and making sure the arteries carry blood efficiently around the body; Cardio Pro works to counter the effects of cardiac disease with its plaque fighting and artery softening ingredients – Resveratrol and Carnosine. It’s always recommended that a general healthy lifestyle is adopted alongside any treatment, so a healthy intake of fruit, vegetables and foods with less saturated fat is one of the measures that can reduce cardiovascular risk factors. By getting checked out with a device like the Bio Clip Plus and looking at health and fitness, the first steps in avoiding cardiac disease can be taken.

Taking Cardio Pro

Cardio Pro side effects are nil but before starting any course of treatment it’s always advisable to consult your doctor. Cardio Pro equipment – such as the Bio Clip Plus is worth looking at before taking Cardio Pro as this will be able to tell you your arterial stiffness index. As a general heart and overall health measure, it’s worth looking at a synergistic program. There are some specially combined packages for complete heart treatment and in taking a combined package, the side effects of cardio pro would still be nil.

How many Cardio Pro capsules should I take?

For highly effective dosing, 3 Cardio Pro capsules taken daily will significantly lower cardiovascular risk factors. One of the key ingredients, Carnosine, is available separately, but combined with the other key ingredients, the effect on heart (and blood) health is heightened.

Cardio Pro reviews

Cardio Pro reviews and of course clinical tests of Cardio Pro show that it is very effective and beneficial to heart health. There are no side effects to taking the supplement and taking steps to measure and address any arterial stiffness you may have could help save your life.


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It’s great to be using a supplement that has been so well tested and so well received.
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