Scrub skin toxins clean away with Beyond Clean 2

Beyond Clean 2 detoxes your skin, leaving it not only dirt-free, but resistant to aging and even skin cancers.

Beyond Clean 2 bath salts have now been updated, each scoop not only provides the detox agent EDTA at 118 grams, but the new improved version now also contains 41 grams of zeolite, which makes your bath time cleaner than ever!

Research has proven that reduced levels of iron in the skin can dramatically reduce skin aging and even the likelihood of skin cancers. One reason for this is that iron acts with ultra-violet light to generate huge quantities of free radicals, accelerating the aging effect of the sun.

Further studies have indicated that during a hot 10 minute shower, because of the open skin pores in the hot environment and breathing in the steam, a person can absorb the equivalent amount of metals and other chemicals as when drinking 8 glasses of the same water!

Now you can help prevent the absorption of toxic metals which are found in most water supplies by simply adding Beyond Clean 2 into your bathtub. Beyond Clean 2 binds to the metals in the water and also in the skin, protecting by inhibiting absorption and detoxifying by removing existing metal deposits.

Your skin will never have felt cleaner and fresher!

Suggested use

You can use Beyond Clean to enhance your detoxification and relaxation benefits by simply adding a scoop of the powder to your bathtub.


What our customers say...

We are all careful about what we drink. Now it's time to be careful about what we bath in. The skin is our largest organ, and it too needs to be taken care of.
Dr. Garry Gordon MD, DO, MD(H), President, Gordon Research Institute




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What our customers say

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