Dercos Shampoo Aminexil: get a head start on hair loss

Hair loss – also known as hair fall - is a visible sign of aging that can be distressing. Whilst the causes vary, the results are the same and it’s very common indeed – up to half of us will experience noticeable hair loss at some point in our lives.

Fortunately there are effective anti-hair-loss products available, and one of the most potent and easiest to use is Dercos shampoo. Promoting hair regrowth and designed to stop hair loss, it’s a tried, trusted and proven hair care product.

Containing a relatively new development in hair fall treatment, Dercos shampoo features aminexil. This drug developed by French laboratory Vichy, works to fight a condition common across all types of causes of hair fall - perifollicular fibrosis.

Dercos Shampoo Aminexil is designed to work on the deep structure of the hair root; proven to revitalise, strengthen, thicken and promote new hair growth.

What is Alopecia or hair loss?

Alopecia is characterised by thinning hair, a receding hairline and in some cases, baldness. Certain types, although rare, can cause complete body hair loss - known as alopecia totalis.

It’s evident that hair fall is more prevalent in men than women, and the most common form of alopecia is androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Men are most prone to this condition as it’s linked with the production of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is essential for hair growth but the balance between DHT and testosterone can cause a loss of hair from the scalp.

At around age 50, around half of all men will have some degree of the most common form of hair fall – male pattern baldness. Around 15% of post-menopausal women will experience this type of hair fall – due in part to having fewer female hormones at this time.

Other types of alopecia include alopecia areata which causes bald patches on the scalp. It’s then necessary to promote hair regrowth in these areas and if treated with anti-hair-loss products, it can grow back.

Hair Loss Prevention and hair loss reasons

There are a lot of varied stimuli for causes of hair fall. It’s known that the relationship between testosterone and DHT is involved, but also allergies, irritants, stress, kidney problems, medications, tiredness, hormonal and seasonal variations all contribute to thinning hair and lack of hair growth.

As well as the above, genes and hormones factor for hair loss reasons most in men. So those with a family history of male pattern baldness, may well contract androgenic alopecia too.

Dercos Shampoo Aminexil prevents baldness by improving hair volume, thickness, promoting growth and maintaining vitalised hair - right to the root. It’s the hair fall shampoo and widely considered one of the best anti-hair-loss products on the market. Being able to stop hair loss preventatively also delays and avoids the need to undergo a costly and invasive baldness treatment at a later date.

How does Dercos hair fall shampoo work?

Dercos Dercos Shampoo Aminexil is designed to fight and prevent perifollicular fibrosis – the common factor across all types of hair loss. By softening the collagen around the roots, Dercos Shampoo ingredients – one of which is aminexil - fights the tightening collagen build up that leads to the hair being pushed out: averting premature hair loss. Types of hair may vary, but the build up of collagen is the same in all cases.

Major year-long studies with 350 men and women revealed that after just 6 weeks, hair growth, thickness and condition was improved by 8%. After 8 weeks Dercos hair fall treatment users showed 6% more hair growth. When combined with another recommended hair care product like Nizoral shampoo or MinSaw-A, the effects can be enhanced further.

As a baldness treatment, it’s easy to use, pH neutral and there are no known side effects. Knowing how to use Dercos shampoo is easy – just like any other shampoo. Using Dercos shampoo or Dercos ampoules for just 3 weeks will see hair condition improve in quantity, strength and thickness. It’s easy to incorporate the revitalising properties of Dercos shampoo straight into your normal hair care routine.

We also recommend the synergistic combination of Nanogen Conditioner and Minsaw lotion.


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