Mito-Pro2™, a comprehensive energy support supplement with fat burning qualities

All activity within the body is dependent on sufficient energy made up from the universal energy molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The more abundant ATP is then the more ‘power’ we can derive from it.

The main source of ATP is from the mitochondria, the small organelles that are found within every cell. They produce ATP from fat, sugar and oxygen, but the chemical pathways are complex and involve numerous reactions.

Healthy mitochondria are characterized by high energy efficiency, but which can be somewhat slow in delivery. Therefore, as a source of energy they cannot always meet all performance requirements. For example, rapid and intense sports activity such as bodybuilding or sprinting requires a rapid and constant energy supply. This is the domain of anaerobic metabolism which is capable of making ATP immediately from only sugar (glucose), but the source is limited and easily exhausted.


Anaerobic energyAerobic energy
Fast, immediate deliverySlow, sustained delivery
Good for fight/ flight Good for endurance
No muscle gaining qualitiesHas fat burning qualities
Good for:Good for:
High impact sportsLow impact sports
Weight lifting/ strength trainingAerobic exercise
Low ‘heavy’ repsMany ‘light’ reps
Short bursts of energySustained energy
Bodybuilders/ sprintersRunners/ Rowers

Therefore it soon becomes apparent that for a full range of energy support both production pathways must be supported. Such a program helps to support energy storage/ availability for both instant and sustained release.

To help promote all of these processes, by providing an optimal supply of the essential mitochondrial micronutrients is challenging, but it has led to the development of the comprehensive formulation found in Mito-Pro2™.


This orange flavored powder can be easily mixed into water or juice and simply drunk. Every 5 gram dose of Mito-Pro2™ powder contains:

    1. L-carnitine: 720mg enables the uptake of fatty acids into the mitochondria.

    1. L-arginine: 500 mg provides a high energy nitrogen-phosphate compounds (precursors to nitric oxide), important for vasodilation (like Viagra®) for blood thinning and thus for blood supply. Also required for the detoxification of ammonia it can lower blood pressure and stimulate the immune system. Furthermore, it can stimulate the release of growth hormone.

    1. Creatine: 720 mg helps to store energy in the muscle and allow for immediate ATP release. It also helps to promote muscle development and strength, whilst enhancing physical and mental performance and shortening recovery time after exercise.

    1. CoQ10: 30 mg of coenzyme Q10 is essential for mitochondria in the conversion of sugar and fat into ATP whilst simultaneously being an important antioxidant to protect mitochondria. CoQ10 is often deficient, especially when statin (cholesterol lowering) drugs are being taken.

    1. Alpha lipoic acid: 100 mg is an important transporter of sugar into the mitochondria. It is used within the body to help regenerate antioxidants such as vitamin E, C, CoQ10 and glutathione.  It is also a good agent to remove heavy metals from fat and nervous tissues.

    1. Magnesium: 66 mg binds to ATP and is excellent at helping to prevent muscle cramps.
    2. Manganese: 3.3 mg is essential to activate enzymes for the transport of sugar into the mitochondria and is also a known immune enhancer.

    1. Zinc: 8 mg is a cofactor for more than 200 chemical reactions and it plays a key role in acid-base factors, for example, de-acidification after sport, as well as sugar, fat and protein metabolism. It is also vital to hormonal synthesis and the immune system.

    1. Pantothenic acid: 13.3 mg is important to mitochondrial metabolism in helping to assemble and disassemble carbohydrates, fats and amino acids. It is also required for the synthesis of cholesterol- a necessary component for the formation of anabolic steroid hormones.

    1. Riboflavin and Niacin: Both are provided at 6.6 mg each, these vitamins participate in the conversion of glucose to lactic acid boosting anaerobic energy production.

  1. Thiamine at 6.6 mg is the coenzyme of pyruvate dehydrogenase. It helps to transfer sugar into the mitochondria.

MitoPro2™ expected improvements

Within 3-months of regular use (5 grams per AM or before exercise), MitoPro2™ will improve a patient’s lactate tolerance test (see figure 1). Improvements noticed will include a lower resting lactate, a shift of the lactate threshold to the right side of the graph- resulting in a prolonged aerobic phase and at the same time, a higher anaerobic tolerance, resulting in an enhanced cumulative efficiency. At the same time, the aerobic fat burning zone is extended.

The lactic acid tolerance test

Figure 1: The lactic acid tolerance test- after exercise- shows the improvement in the right hand slide under the influence of Mito-Pro2™ supplementation.  This improvement manifests itself in a number of ways, it means more exercise can be undertaken, it also means greater fat burning abilities are created, along with higher rates of ‘resting’ energy reserves.

MitoPro2™ applications


    • Improve short and long term performance and recovery in sports, as well as everyday physical activities.

    • Improve conditions of chronic fatigue.

    • Support stress tolerance and concentration.

    • Enhance performance, particularly for seniors.

    • Help optimize energy for vegetarians.

    • Assist any weight loss program by optimizing fat burning and reducing appetite after any workout.

    • As a convalescence after disease, injury and surgery.

  • Prevent muscle wastage (sarcopenia).

MitoPro2™ testimonials


    • After 30 minutes of aerobics I used to be exhausted. Now I am still going strong for a whole 60 minutes.”

    • “I lost my concentration after an hour of computer work, now I continue for 5 hours or more.”

    • “In the evenings I craved chocolate. This has now completely disappeared.”

    • “I feel much better and people are giving me compliments on the way my looks have improved. I am no longer depressed and as a sales woman more successful. I am even starting to get interested in men again!”

    • “I am an 85 year old lady but I feel new born!”

  • “Taking it daily I have lost 2 kg over Christmas- normally I would gain that much!”


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