Protect yourself against environmental toxins with Detox-Pro

Detox-Pro is specially formulated for those that require a stronger than average detoxification protocol, particularly those who want to rid themselves from mercury, whether as a result of dental amalgams or other environmental contamination.

Detox-Pro helps support the body's natural detoxification pathways for the elimination of toxic heavy metals particularly mercury and it is believed that detoxification also results in a higher IQ as well as a more efficient immune system.

The unfortunate by-product of our complex, industrialized, high-tech society is the contamination of water, air and food by numerous chemicals and non-essential elements, such as heavy metals like mercury.

The accumulation of heavy metals in the human body poses a significant health risk, leading to a wide array of symptoms, including anemia, learning deficits, behavioral and cognitive changes, tremor, gingivitis, hypertension, irritability, cancer, depression, memory loss, fatigue, headaches, gout, chronic renal failure, male infertility, and possibly even multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

Detox-Pro is often used to help ‘flush the system’ with a program such as a month on, a month off.



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