Keep your heart healthy with Strodival

Strodival, a little-known drug derived from an African plant, has shown amazing success in treating those suffering from coronary heart disease - the most common cause of death in the developed world.

Coronary heart disease (CHD), sometimes referred to as coronary artery disease or CAD, led to nearly half a million deaths in the United States in 2006 alone. Ways to prevent this global epidemic is something the medical professions have been seeking for many years, but few have heard about the highly effective Strodival.

The success of Strodival lies in its ingredients which are taken from a plant commonly known as the climbing oleander. This remarkable plant extract has been found to help reduce tissue damage in the heart muscle.

The origins of Strodival

The plant extract was originally used to treat patients with heart disease symptoms by physician Dr Berthold Kern in post-war Germany. By giving Strodival orally to patients with signs of heart disease, Dr Kern achieved great success but attracted little publicity.

His work led to further research in the treatment for coronary heart disease today. The extract (known as Strodival g-Strophanthin or us strophanthin) is now available under the brand name of Strodival.

The causes of coronary heart disease

The coronary heart disease risk factors increase if we become overweight, as we age and whether we have a history of cardiovascular disease, amongst many other factors like stress.

The signs of heart disease vary – from chest pain and shortness of breath, to neck, jaw, and arm pains etc. but one in four heart attacks are silent, so heart disease symptoms are not always easy to detect.

What is coronary heart disease?

One way coronary heart disease occurs is when arterial plaque forms inside the coronary arteries, usually as the result of damage or disease. When this happens, monocytes (white blood cells) become active and move into the wall of the artery, affecting the monocyte count.

They then turn into Macrophage foam cells - fat-laden cells which gather cholesterol and, together with other materials, form a deposit called an atherosclerotic plaque.

What is atherosclerosis? This is caused by the plaques formed by the foam cells increasing in size. When they do so, the artery walls become less elastic and more prone to blockages.

Atherosclerotic vascular disease or ASVD can occur, causing the arteries to narrow because of the amount of plaque in the interior arterial walls. This, in turn, is one of the causes of coronary heart disease because the ability of the coronary arteries to provide the heart with oxygen-rich blood is impaired.

Coronary atherosclerosis heightens the risk of heart attack, which can happen when a plaque bursts, forming a number of blood clots that can quickly block an artery.

Strodival’s approach to tackling coronary heart disease

Another way that heart disease occurs is because of the build-up of acid. Known as metabolic acidosis, when this happens in the left ventricular tissue, it can cause a heart attack.

Metabolic acidosis is to do with the pH balance. When it’s disrupted the build-up of acid causes cells to die – they are literally eaten away. Eventually the gaps left by the diminished cells form larger holes. Finally, these larger holes cause a heart attack. By tackling the acid build-up, heart infarctions and disease can be averted.

The effectiveness of Strodival was shown in Germany in the mid-1970s in the treatment of more than 200 coal miners. Complaining of severe chest pains, some died before doctor’s prescribed oral Strodival treatment, but none of the miners died in the five-year period in which Strodival was administered. The g-strophanthin dosage that they had received was taken up by doctors as an effective treatment for cardiac diseases.

Regular use of oral g-strophathin (or Strodival) helped reduce the build-up of tissue damage in the heart muscle that lead to a heart attack.

By using Strodival heart failure can be averted and whilst types of heart disease vary, medical tests have shown Strodival to be very effective.

That’s all thanks to an amazing ingredient imported from Africa more than 150 years ago and used today very effectively against heart disease.



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