Conisan B - Refresh and repair your eyes and fight premature ‘eye-aging’

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Life can be pretty tough on our eyes. As we age the condition of our eyes gradually begins to deteriorate and we become susceptible to a whole range of eye problems.

And the situation isn’t helped by the world in which we live in. Any number of things can upset and irritate our eyes making them sore, itchy, watery and uncomfortable. From hayfever to pet fur and all the way through to environmental pollutants, there exists a whole host of potential irritants that can cause allergic reactions in our eyes. For many of us spending long days in front of computer screens can also leave our eyes feeling tired and strained. Even the long term use of contact lenses can cause damage and irritation (we discuss this in more detail below).

All in all, the lives that we lead today don’t really do our eyes any favors and most of us don’t realise that our eyes are possibly slowly but surely being damaged as a result. This sort of damage is in addition to the slow deterioration in the condition of our eyes that occurs as part of the aging process. And yet it really is important that we do take proper care of our eyes - after all we only have the one pair, and if we want them to keep serving us as well as possible for as long as possible, then we really should take responsibility for them and be a little kinder to them.

Fortunately Conisan B (formerly known as Conjunctisan B) can help to soothe tired, irritated eyes and help to repair and rejuvenate them. Especially formulated for use by those who regularly suffer eye irritation and discomfort due to allergies and for those who may be experiencing problems with their contact lenses, Conisan B works to ease, refresh and repair your eyes and provides you with an exceptional weapon in the fight against the effects of age upon your eyes.

So what exactly is Conisan B and how does it work?

Developed in Germany, Conisan B contains biological macromolecules (large molecules) taken from various eye tissues (of bovine origin) including the retina, optic nerve, cornea, connective tissue, lens and vitreous body. These macromolecules are combined with a number of protoplasmic active factors taken from the brain, placenta, mucus membranes, lymphatic system organs and nodes, thymus and adrenal gland as well as vaso-active and surface active substances. The result is a uniquely formulated, homeopathic medicated liquid that can be administered directly into the eyes.

The use of these highly specialized biological macromolecules is believed to encourage the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues through the stimulation of spontaneous healing processes and the normalization of cellular function. In other words, Conisan B encourages the body to use its own capabilities to repair and regenerate damaged tissues, and by doing so returns the eye to a healthy condition. And when stimulated by Conisan B, the body’s normal repair processes are accelerated by at least 50%.

Conisan B has specifically been created for use by those who wear contact lenses, those who suffer regularly with eye allergy problems or those who suffer from eye strain caused by long periods spent in front of a computer screen. Conisan B is specifically indicated for the treatment of allergic disorders of the conjunctiva of the eyeball and cornea, dry eyes (conjunctivitis sicca) and chorioiditis (inflammation of the choroid - a vascular layer within the eye that lies between the retina and the sclera that contains connective tissue).

In addition to treating irritations to the front (anterior) segment of the eye, the therapeutic use of Conisan B has also been found to be extremely helpful for heavy eye strains and swelling (oedemas) of the cornea. So successful is Conisan B in treating such conditions, that in some cases a permanent cure maybe achieved.

The specific problem with contact lenses

In order to keep contact lenses clean and safe to use, they are cleaned with specialised cleaning products. It is ironic then that animal studies have now shown that long term exposure to these cleaning fluids can in fact damage the eyes, inflaming the conjunctiva and damaging tissues.

With its therapeutic properties, Conisan B is able to correct these problems and repair the damage that has been caused. Conisan B also makes the wearing of contact lenses more comfortable and less irritating to the eye. In particular, Conisan B appears to protect the conjunctiva and stabilize the tear film that coats the eyes. Tears are produced by the lacrimal gland and are used to clean and lubricate the eyes. Lacrimal fluid flows into the space between the eyeball and the lids and each time we blink it is spread across the surface of the eye. Having a thin tear film may prevent someone from wearing contact lenses because the thin tear film will dry out while wearing contact lenses and can become easily irritated.

Ultimately, it has been found that using Conisan B in conjunction with contact lenses results in a permanent and fundamental improvement in the wearing of the lenses. And by continuing treatment with Conisan B, any further spontaneous intolerance problems are quickly resolved. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that Conisan B has become the choice therapeutic agent for contact lens wearers.

Conisan B and computer users.

Conisan B may also help to protect your eyes against the radiation damage that can be caused by sitting in front of computer screens for long periods of time. If you suffer from eye strain, or your eyes become tired and irritated when using, or after using, the computer, or indeed, if fluorescent lighting also aggravates your eyes in a similar way, using Conisan B may be able to provide you with the relief that you need.

Conisan B and the stimulation of interferon

It may seem unusual to suggest inhaling something that is intended as a homeopathic treatment for the eyes, but when Conisan B is inhaled through the nose, it has the ability to stimulate interferon. Interferon is a protein that is made and released by the human body in response to the presence of pathogens (biological agents that cause disease in their host). Interferon proteins allow cells to communicate with each other in order to trigger the protective defences of the immune system so as to eradicate the pathogens, or indeed tumours. It can therefore be very useful at times to stimulate interferon production.

Conisan B – preservative free

In order to ensure the full biological efficacy of Conisan B, it is preservative free. Many other eye treatments are not preservative free and, in those who are sensitive, the presence of preservatives may interfere with the eyes and cause irritation. The lack of preservatives means that Conisan B does not cause any allergic reactions.


Frequently Asked Questions About Conisan A®

Disclaimer: Please note that only your own physician can determine your precise needs, but in order to give you some information these answers are based upon the ‘average person’ and clinical / published results.

I have question about Conisan A. After I read the instruction of Conisan A, it said it included macromolecules from the bovine eye. Is that related to BSE problem?

It is a good question, Dr. Kyriazis thoughts on the matter were as follows:

Conisan A is a German eye-drop produced to pharmaceutical standards. It is also produced from bovine (cow) of Australian origin and the product is of a homeopathic strength. There has never been any issue regarding the problem of BSE in its 30+ year history.


A vial of Conisan B should be broken open and a couple of drops should be placed into each eye as necessary. Treatment can be repeated several times a day if required. This method of application allows for hygienic, sterile treatment.

Vials should be stored in the fridge and any open vials should be discarded if they have been open for more than 24 hours.

In order to make the wearing of contact lenses more comfortable, Conisan B should be used as a soaking agent. After storage in cleaning solution, followed by rinsing, the contact lenses should be soaked in a vial of Conisan B for 30 minutes before it is placed in the eye.

For the stimulation of interferon, the contents of a vial should be inhaled through the nose.

Side effects and warnings

Conisan B has been used for many years throughout Europe and has been found to be extremely well tolerated. When used as directed, no side effects have been noted

As it is preservative free Conisan B should be kept refrigerated (although they are stable at room temperature for some weeks). Furthermore the vials should also be stored in their box to protect them from any light exposure. They should not be used beyond their expiry date and should only be used when the liquid is clear.

Conjunctisan B a sight for sore eyes!

Please note Conjunctisan B is now called Conisan B

Conjunctisan uses biological macromolecules from various eye tissues to tackle age-related eye deterioration

Containing biological macromolecules from tissues of the eye - such as the retina, optic nerve, cornea, connective tissue, lens and vitreous (of bovine origin) - Conjunctisans is a homeopathic weapon in the battle against aging of the eye. There are currently two versions of Conjunctisans - A and B.

Conisan B / Conjunctisan B ®

Protection against allergies, eye strain and contact lenses

Conjunctisan B ® differs from Conjunctisan A ® in that it is indicated for use in the treatment of eye allergies and especially for those who suffer with contact lens problems and agitation. Animal studies have shown that long term exposure to contact lens cleaning fluid damages the eye. Conjunctisan B ® corrects that problem, and also makes the wearing of contact lenses more comfortable and bearable.

Figure 1. Damaged eye tissue of the blood plaques in the conjunctival tissue of the pig.Figure 2. The healing process, progressive repair of damaged tissue and lysis of the blood plaques.Figure 3. After treatment with Conjunctisan B, normal conjunctival tissue.

The pictures show some eye pictures and the effects of cleaning lens fluid and after treatment with Conjunctisan B ®.

Conjunctisan B ® may also help protect against radiation damage caused by long exposure of sitting in front of computer screens. If your eyes bother you because of this or fluorescent lighting, then Conjunctisan B ® will help alleviate these conditions too. Doses are as Conjunctisan A ® and it should be stored in the fridge when not in use and open vials discarded after 24-hours.

What our customers say...

Conjunctisan B ® is specially designed to treat contact lens allergies and counteract their discomfort and degenerative features.
Phil Micans PharmBGreat Britain.

I wasn't aware of the problems associated with long-term contact lens use, now I feel that Conjunctisan B ® provides a kind of insurance for my eyes.
C.J., Norway.

Conjunctisan A

Conjunctisan A stimulates the spontaneous natural healing process and normalization of eye function, and has been proven to be highly successful in the treatment of cataracts showing a 67% improvement rate.

It also treats other degenerative eye complaints such as environmental agitation, general eye aging and eye strain. Regular users, it is often found, require weaker lenses for their glasses or indeed can do without their glasses for long periods, a clear indication of eyesight improvement. And with over fifteen years of use it is completely safe and suitable for prolonged use.


Break a vial and instil a couple of drops into each eye two to several times daily. It should be stored in the fridge when not in use and open vials discarded after 24-hours.

What our customers say...

Conjunctisan A ® has a long history in Germany and has been proven to be 67% successful in the treatment of cataract and other degenerative eye disorders.
Robert Mason PhD Gibraltar


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