Keep calm and carry on with Inderal Propranolol

Inderal Propranolol is commonly prescribed to control high blood pressure. It is a beta-blocker, which is a class of drugs used to manage cardiac attack, hypertension, anxiety and panic. It works by restricting adrenaline release during anxious moments, thereby preventing undue cardiac stimulation.

Adrenaline is sometimes called the ‘fight or flight’ neurotransmitter. It is released when we experience feelings of fear or high anxiety. Inderal Propranolol reduces the amount of adrenaline released during these moments, thereby curbing cardiac stimulation and the risk of cardiac attack. It is useful for people who need to stay calm for a particular occasion, or who need to control high blood pressure.

The prescribed dosages to control hypertension (high blood pressure) are Inderal 40mg - 80mg. Inderal is rapidly and completely absorbed in the body within one to three hours after taking. This fast action makes it extremely effective when preparing for a stressful event or situation.

Inderal 40mg - 80mg is enough to help control hypertension and remain calm. Dosages of more than 80mg daily are not recommended without the supervision of a doctor.

How does Inderal Propranolol work?

Inderal, also known as Propranolol, works by restricting the amount of adrenaline released during anxious moments. It is part of a class of drugs known as beta-blockers, which means it blocks the receptor sites for adrenaline.

When we are anxious or in fear, our bodies release large amounts of adrenaline into the blood stream. The function of this is to help prepare us for a fight or to escape a dangerous situation. That is why adrenaline has become dubbed the ‘fight or flight’ neurotransmitter.

Although this action can be useful in genuinely dangerous circumstances, a lot of the time it can be a hindrance, especially if we are trying to remain calm. Inderal blocks this trigger response of adrenaline and allows us to overcome our nerves and anxiety.

Inderal is often taken by people who suffer from stage fright or surgeons who need to steady their hands. It is particularly useful for people who preparing for an important event, such as taking an exam or giving a presentation. And it has also been used to help treat people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

A drug to cope with bad memories

The medical journal Nature Neuroscience described Propranolol as a ‘drug to cope with bad memories’ after a study in 2009. In the study researchers from the University of Amsterdam demonstrated that Propranolol could lessen anxiety linked to fearful memories, even better than exposure therapy.

As featured in LA times "A drug to cope with bad memories" February 18th 2009

Exposure therapy consists of people repeatedly recalling a traumatic event or memory in a safe environment until they learn to overcome the fear triggered by that memory.

Researchers showed volunteers pictures of spiders and followed up one of the images with an electrical shock. After a while, the subjects became anxious at the sight of a spider. The following day, the researchers gave half the group Propranolol and measured the emotional response triggered by the image of a spider.

On the third day, both groups remembered the association between the spider and the shock, but those who had taken Propranolol had a lower emotional response to the image. Even after exposure therapy, the people who did not take Propranolol could regain their fearful response, but those who had taken it continued to have a weakened memory.

The conclusion of the researchers was that Propranolol was able to block the storage of the emotional component of memories.


Why should I take Inderal Propranolol?

Inderal Propranolol is commonly prescribed for people with high blood pressure (hypertension) or to control anxiety in stressful situations.

It is an extremely effective drug to take if you need to stay calm under pressure, as it blocks the body’s natural production of adrenaline, allowing you to remain in control of the situation.

It is recommended you consult a physician before taking if you are diabetic or have an existing heart, kidney or liver disorder. Otherwise, Inderal Propranolol is considered to be safe to use, and comes with a considerable range of benefits – helping you to keep on top of life’s many challenges.


To help lower blood pressure and remain calm, take 20mg to 40mg approximately 1 hour before the ‘feared’ event. The dose may be repeated later in the day if required, however we do not recommend more than 80mg daily unless under a physician's supervision.


Those who are diabetic, or have existing heart, kidney or liver disorders should consult with your physician first, before use.


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