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What IAS aims to do, is provide access to the "hard to obtain" supplements, hormones anddrugs,the so-called anti-aging medicine.

In order to do this, IAS ONLY provides anti-aging medicine, concentrating its efforts and resources in understanding, researching and supplying them. IAS is therefore NOT a general pharmacy. When you request product, you are also requesting membership of our product club: 1p/€0.01/$0.01 of your order pays for a years membership of The IAS Product Club. We then deal with your product request as a member - so we are not dealing with the 'public'.

To remain innovative and be able to supply products from around the world, IAS will not be able to ship some of its products to the United Kingdom (see some comments under section The Future of Anti-Aging Medicine). For certain products (as indicated on the order-form), IAS will require a prescription if delivery is to an EU country.

So as we speak to the citizens of the rest of the world, IAS has to place the onus of use, importation and possession onto the buyer (see IAS Terms and Conditions).

Many of IAS's products won't be recognized or approved in many countries. In some, they may be on prescription only. But most civilized nations allow their citizens to import personal quantities (this is usually considered to be around a 3 month supply), of ethical pharmaceuticals that are not easily available, providing the products are for individual use and not for resale. These conditions and requirements do vary, therefore the buyer must ensure their individual compliance with their regional offices/ information sources etc.

You can rest assured, that IAS does NOT supply controlled (also called scheduled) substances, including anabolic steroids.

All IAS requires in order to ship, is the signed declaration on the order form and an understanding that all orders are shipped under IAS Terms and Conditions.

IAS is unique in this field;. We supply a wide range of hard to obtain specific anti-aging therapies. All our products are of pharmaceutical standard, manufactured by major international companies. In fact, rarely does IAS offer generic products because too often they can be of inferior quality.

IAS decided from the outset that it would always place quality and service above price, so wherever possible "cutting edge" products are sourced from highly reputable companies in first world countries

IAS caters for the physician, clinician and the individual but is NOT a wholesale supplier.

IAS is much more than a distributor of supplements. IAS is the only international supplier that helps provide educational information and contacts to other leading sources and organizations. In fact, IAS helps advance the knowledge and distribution of information by being a sponsor of the major anti-aging academies and conferences.

Recommended by leading institutions and renowned individuals, the reputation of IAS is growing fast, and it's one that is enhanced by the quality of the IAS publication, the International Anti-Aging Magazine.

We trust that you will agree, whether this is all new to you and you want to find out more, or whether you are looking for a more reputable and reliable supplier. We hope that you will allow IAS the opportunity to serve your needs.

If you would like to see more reasons why you should choose IAS, please click here. If you would like to see testimonials from health professionals and clients about the services of IAS, please click here.


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