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Your body’s organs, glands and tissue depend upon peptides to keep you healthy.

Peptides are groups of amino acids which play an important role in triggering the protein synthesis required for healthy cell regeneration and it is now clear there is a direct link between peptides and antiaging.

Peptide bioregulators have been developed as supplements to help your body to create sufficient peptides.

These revolutionary supplements are the result of top secret research and testing which began in Russia during the Cold War.

Russian scientists, including Professor Vladimir Khavinson, found a way to combat the premature aging observed in nuclear submarine crews and other members of the armed forces.

Peptide bioregulators are now recognised as a ground-breaking solution to combat a number of health problems.

Research shows that peptide supplements are an effective ‘short-cut’ to initiate the synthesis required for cell regeneration.

Some experts also believe peptides could be better than stem cells because they are relatively cheap, highly specific, and there’s no need to suppress your immune system for them to take effect.

Another advantage is that a short course of capsules will have a beneficial effect and may only need repeating six months later if you are a healthy individual.

You could consider Testoluten®. The testes peptide is expected to increase your testosterone levels and improve the count and activity of your sperm.

There’s also Libidon® which helps your prostrate gland. This gland often becomes enlarged as men age, increasing the risk of cancer.

Libidon® reduces the prostate’s size. It can also increase the speed and volume of your urination, reducing the number of times you need to go to the toilet.

Then there’s Visoluten® which helps your vision by supporting cell re-growth in your retina — the light-sensitive thin layer of tissue which covers the inner surface of your eyes.

With computer work and other environmental hazards putting daily strains on your eyes, Visoluten® encourages the peptide synthesis which eventually leads to cell repair in retinal tissue.

Supporting natural hormone production is Glandokort® which can be particularly helpful if you are suffering adrenal fatigue.

It helps your adrenal gland optimise production of key hormones such as aldosterone and cortisol.

Aldosterone controls your body’s salt and water balance, which helps regulate blood pressure, and Cortisol is released by your body in times of stress and assists the efficient metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Ventfort is the peptide from the blood vessels. Its action has been shown to improve vascular wall tissue, normalise metabolism in such cells and help to regular vascular systems.

Pielotax is the peptide bioregulator from the kidneys. It is able to normalise renal functions and in particular to help adjust the urinary patterns favourably.

Cerluten is a peptide bioregulator isolated from the brain to help regulate the central nervous system (CNS). Clinical studies reveal the efficiency of Cerluten to help restore the complex functions of the CNS that may otherwise lead to brain function disorders.

All these peptide supplements have been sourced from bovine tissues and refined using rigorous pharmaceutical processes.

The link between peptides and antiaging has been strongly established thanks to research originally intended to maintain the health of the armed forces.

Now a growing range of supplements offer a more peaceful purpose.

They help you to strengthen your natural defences against premature aging so that you can enjoy living longer with less health problems to combat.