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Excitotoxins are a class of chemicals found in a huge variety of the foods we eat. They over stimulate neuron receptors, causing the brain cells to become overexcited and fire uncontrollably. This can lead to serious damage and even cell death.

A growing number of scientists believe excitotoxins play a crucial role in the development of diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s. A considerable amount of clinical evidence has been accumulated over the past decade to support this.

Excitotoxin blockers are a group of drugs that counteract the damage caused by excitotoxity. They are often used as Alzheimer’s drugs, but have many additional antiaging benefits, for example they may be taken as memory enhancement drugs or to provide a mental boost.

Excitotoxins are a substance – usually amino acids – that react with receptors in the brain, causing them to fire impulses at such a rapid rate they become exhausted and die.

Glutamate is one of the more common excitotoxins. Although glutamate plays an essential role in learning and memory by triggering NMDA receptors, too much glutamate over stimulates them. Glutamate is found in MSG (mono-sodium glutamate), which is added to a range of processed foods.

Memantine is an excitotoxin blocker which is used as an Alzheimer’s treatment, but has substantial benefits for older people in general. It is known to improve memory, enhance vigilance and boost concentration. Memantine is derived from a naturally occurring compound called adamantine. It works by protecting the brain’s nerve cells against glutamate, preventing the destructive process caused by excitotoxicty.

Lithium-Pro is another excitotoxin drug, used to treat bipolar disorder – a condition which causes oscillating levels of mood, energy and cognitive function. As with Memantine, Lithium-Pro offers a number of other health benefits, thanks to the added ingredients of folate and vitamin B12. These act to protect the nervous system against degenerative aging diseases and provide a mental boost.

Excitotoxin blockers are part of a whole range of drugs and supplements, designed to boost cognitive powers and address problems associated with aging.

Deprenyl is a powerful ‘smart drug’ which is used for Parkinson’s and as an Alzheimer’s treatment. But it can also be taken to improve brain function and concentration. Deprenyl works by protecting dopamine levels in the brain, which decrease as we age.

Idebenone combines a powerful energy supplement with a potent antioxidant treatment to offer a multitude of antiaging benefits. Idebenone is a synthetic variant of what has been hailed as one of life’s essential bio chemicals – Coenzyme Q10.

L-carnosine is a naturally-occurring amino acid, which helps to counteract free radical damage and has a number of antiaging properties. It can help with everything from cataracts to diabetes, and is also taken to protect against neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s.

From the wide range of Excitotoxin blockers and associated treatments available, you will almost certainly be able to find one to suit your specific requirements, helping you to fight the war on aging.